What to Bring

What to bring to Boys State


Be sure to bring:

-A Jacket, Tie, Button up Shirt, dress shoes and Slacks for the Banquet.
(JROTC Uniforms are acceptable, preferably Class A or B)
-Water bottle (or money to get water/drinks from the on site store) Drinking fountains are throughout the venue.

The following items are not mandatory, but should give you a general idea of what you may need:

-Alarm clock or clock/radio
-Bag for dirty laundry
-Ball cap
-Umbrella/rain gear
-Writing Utensils

* You’ll be wearing the Official Boys State shirts at all times (except activity time), so there is no need for other shirts. The weather is usually warm and delegates are welcome to wear shorts the entire week. Please bring at least one pair of jeans just in case.

-During Activity Time, you are allowed to wear what you need to participate in sports activities. There are usually a lot of things that can be done during this time which include; basketball, racquetball, dodge ball, swimming, soccer, and much more.

* All of the meals are covered throughout the week. However, it would be wise to bring $10-$20 for the on-site store.

* Delegates will not be allowed to leave the venue during Boys State. However, if you forget or need something, please tell your counselor immediately so that he can assist you as needed.

* Delegates will be allowed to have cell phones, but will be asked to silence them during sessions.