American Legion Colorado Boys State

Online Application Form


You must have completed your Junior year of high school and have at least one (1) more semister remaining before graduating in order to attend American Legion Colorado Boys State.

To begin your application please complete this form and click "Submit" button at the bottom. You will be contacted by an American Legion member to help you complete your application process. If you are not contacted within one week after submitting this application, call 1-800-477-1655.

Meanwhile, after completing this form, continue with the 6 requirements to register for Boys State.

1. Download, complete and sign the Registration Forms from Step 2
2. Write a brief letter stating why you want to attend American Legion Colorado Boys State.
3. Give completed/signed forms and letter to your American Legion Contact.
4. Check our the Samsung Scholship application and submit if you qualify.
5. Check our the College Credit information.